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About Us

Photography & Photo Retouching

Hi, I'm Stavros

We need light to create photographs. Without light there is nothing.
The word photography comes from the ancient Greek words for 'light' and 'drawing'.
As a Photographer I create photos and as an Editor I adjust this light by taking and retouching photos into more attractive and eye-catching images.
Photo retouching or editing done right can enhance the image and depict a pleasing representation of the subject in real life.
Have a look at my portfolio and if you have photography needs, do let me know.
I have very competitive rates depending on your project be it photography or editing.
Specialising in Realty and Interior Photography in the Pretoria area and editing worldwide.

Photographer & Snapper

Photoshop and Lightroom

What I do?

Here are some of my expertise

Photo Editing

Give your photographs a creative adjustment!
Photo Retouching


Develop simple websites from templates to get you on the internet fast

Real Estate Photo

Real Estate Photography in Pretoria, Gauteng. Click on our Real Estate Portfolio


Using all the internets various tools to improve rankings of websites

Plastic Card Printing

Printing of plastics cards for use in various applications such as employee ID cards

Epik Photo Blog Photo Gear Image
Feb 18, 2020 | Realty Photo | 12

Real Estate Photography

Where will you photos be used. Screen or Print?
If its for property sales consider that the first thumbnail or image to be the exterior of the property. So spend ten times more time on this shot. This will be the hook...

Epik Photo Blog Photography Image
Feb 11, 2020 | Food Photography | 9

Food Photography Tips

Food Photography is challenging!
It isn't a simple, easy task of placing a plate of food on a board and snapping a photo.
One must first consider which angle would be best for the size and shape of the food...

Epik Photo Blog Website Design Image
Jan 06, 2020 | 're'touching | 33

Make It Beautiful

In a previous blog I mentioned that the photographer should not only take photographs but also beautify a room. This person must be able to take an untidy room and turn it into attractiveness, to take a boring room and with...

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